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Hi, my name is Dr. Frank Eves. I’m a happily married, father of three, granddad of two and a retired MD. Not long ago, I was a professional network marketer. The average networker sponsors one or two people. I personally enrolled thousands of hopeful customers and distributors, but I did not become a network marketing millionaire; instead, a decade after joining, I quit. After quitting I wrote ‘Network Marketing Heads Up’. My eBook is not a petulant diatribe; it’s balanced and treats the network marketing profession fairly.

Rule #1
“Know the game you’re in.”

Billionaires are lining up to buy successful network marketing companies. After buying a couple of network marketing companies, a very well-known billionaire, was quoted as saying, it’s “the best investment I ever made.” It’s self-evident that network marketing delivers for company owners, but does it really have the potential to produce income for most distributors? Ask yourself,

“How can I generate a significant profit
if I become a network marketing distributor?”

This eBook will help you answer that question. Review ‘The Pitch,’ ‘The System,’ ‘Compensation,’ ‘The Expenses’ and discover exactly what will be expected of you. Newbies will find ‘A Typical Story’ instructive and veterans will find themselves nodding in agreement. Everyone enjoys reading the chapter titled ‘The BS.’

“A remarkably useful overview, it’s like study-notes for MLM.”

“I soaked up decades of experience in about two hours.”

“Balanced and fair, whether you’re looking for a reason to get in, continue, or get out.”

“Spotlights network marketing’s dirty, not so, little secret.”

“Now, I get it, no wonder I’ve been having trouble.”

Reading ‘Network Marketing Heads Up,
could save you thousands of dollars.

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