A Product Nobody Wants

product nobody wants

My eBook may be the perfect example of a product nobody wants.

Hopeful individuals don’t want anyone to mess with their dreams of earning $100,000 every month. Later, forced back to reality, they don’t want to read an, “I told you so” obituary.

When I wrote my book, I hoped a good number of people would jump at a chance to save themselves embarrassment, time and thousands of dollars. I have three adult offspring, so I should have realized that most people have to learn from their own mistakes. Unsurprisingly, that’s what I did. Although I said “No” to dozens of opportunities, over decades, I finally caved. Even though I was aware, that the only people who make money are the company owners and a small handful of, hand-picked, owner-selected, team members, I still had to live it for myself.

Top-notch marketers are amazing. They’re capable of turning everything you reveal into a clever pitch. The fellow that enrolled me instantly recognized that my ego was one of my biggest weaknesses. He convinced me that I could be one of the chosen few. Turns out, I wasn’t alone, this guy is now infamous for winding up tens of thousands in more than a few companies. You might know him. Guess who? Three clues:

  1. he utters Jim Rohn aphorisms, non-stop, without attribution
  2. he can’t pronounce ‘world’
  3. “You know when he’s lying because his lips move.”

I set the bar fairly high, I wanted to replace my medical doctor’s income. That never happened, not even close. Unfortunately, I attempted to show my detractors that it could work and then I persisted for longer than I should have. When I finally called it quits, I got out and didn’t let them pull me back in. Read more about that below.

So, who is going to spend $4.95 US for ‘Network Marketing Heads Up’?

  • a partner/spouse/parent/child/friend who is skeptical
  • someone who just encountered an ad for a business meeting
  • a guy who attended last weeks opportunity meeting
  • the waitress who received a business card with her tip
  • the seasonal worker, stopped in traffic who visited the website’s URL plastered all over an expensive car
  • one of the ladies who recently responded to the ad “Stay Home, Lose Weight, Make Money”
  • an ethical marketer who wants her team members to know what they’re getting into
  • network marketing (NM) pundits
  • NM authors
  • NM trainers
  • active marketers who want to learn how I enrolled so many customers
  • any recruiter hoping I might rethink my decision and who wants me on their team
  • the IRS and CRA, so they can educate people they’re auditing about the many pitfalls
  • Bill Ackman, the billionaire, who shorted Herbalife to support his, It’s a “pyramid” argument.

The people who have purchased my book, so far, have all been active, relatively successful, network marketers.

I’m often asked, “Why did you leave network marketing”? I won’t rehash the story here because I answered that question when I wrote, ‘I Left Network Marketing’.

I’ve admitted becoming a network marketer was the worst mistake I ever made. My goal writing ‘Network Marketing Heads Up’ was simple. I wanted to warn hopeful prospects and new distributors by giving them a ‘Heads Up’. I believe it’s essential that everyone considering or already involved with network marketing understands the game they’re in, or getting into. I watched thousands spend their hard-earned money, do their best and still fail. One ‘leader,’ who earned $50,000 in a month, confided, “This industry ruined my life”. I’ve watched people go through the stress of IRS audits and eventually declare bankruptcy. Ask around, I’ll bet you know someone with miffed friends, a garage full of product, an office full of brochures and significant credit card debt.

My recommendation: Before you join or persist, read Network Marketing Heads Up.

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