Network Marketing Mental Disorders

Let’s start by briefly mentioning a few, common, network marketing mental disorders. Interestingly, these disorders are most often exhibited by ‘leaders’: narcissism megalomania pathological lying and sociopathy. Amusing aside: Tell the truth, as you read my list, did your subconscious flash to Daffy Donald (POTUS 2016—)? Network marketing doesn’t cause these disorders, rather, it appeals … Read more

Does Network Marketing Work?

Q: Does network marketing work? A: Rarely. Most network marketers never create a profit, the vast majority lose money. Don’t expect to hear about the massive numbers who have failed. After all, why would anyone want to know about “the losers”? Instead, expect overexposure to impressive, financial-success stories told by a tiny number of the … Read more

What is Network Marketing?

Have you ever been asked, “What is network marketing?” I’d love to know how you responded. Here is my definition: Network marketing is a teamwork focused, word of mouth, sales system that leverages the distribution revolution (manufacturer/provider to consumer) to sell products and/or services. Unsalaried participants, frequently called independent distributors, are paid a commission, not … Read more

Network Marketing Billionaires?

Are there any network marketing billionaires? I’m not asking about billionaires who earned their money elsewhere; I’m wondering if there are any distributors (IBOs, team members, brand partners…) who accumulated a billion dollars within the network marketing profession? Was Mary Kay Ash a billionaire? What about Dexter Yager? How about the other MLM legends? I’m … Read more

Before Joining

I wish I’d been able to read ‘Network Marketing Heads Up’ before joining my first MLM company. After many years of skepticism, I suspended my disbelief and embraced the profession’s paradigm. Decades later, I’ll reluctantly confess that I exhibited poor judgment when I joined this ‘industry;’ specifically because network marketing is not a good way, … Read more