Before Joining

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I wish I’d been able to read ‘Network Marketing Heads Up’ before joining my first MLM company.

After many years of skepticism, I suspended my disbelief and embraced the profession’s paradigm. Decades later, I’ll reluctantly confess that I exhibited poor judgment when I joined this ‘industry;’ specifically because network marketing is not a good way, for most people, to build a new stream of income.

Q: Why do you feel it was poor judgment?
A: Although there is a genuine financial opportunity for a minuscule fraction of one percent of network marketers, over ninety-nine percent of networkers, will never reach their financial goals.

When I wrote my eBook, I made a sincere effort to be balanced and fair. Don’t make the mistake of surmising that my book will be a sour grapes diatribe from a frustrated, failed distributor. I personally enrolled thousands of team members (customers and distributors). I wouldn’t have persisted for decades if there weren’t a good number of things to appreciate about the profession. Rather than petulance, you’ll discover that my eBook is a straightforward ‘Heads Up’. It’s an overview that anyone can read before joining.

Q: Will reading your eBook be worthy of my time and $4.95?
A: Absolutely, it really could save you thousands of dollars.

Finally, and please forgive me for repeating this, but, “I wish I’d been able to read ‘Network Marketing Heads Up’ before joining.” It’s your turn now if you’re seriously considering a network marketing career, you need to read my eBook. You’ll be glad you did.

Network Marketing Heads Up – Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Introduction
  3. A New Stream of Income
  4. “One of Those Things”
  5. The Pitch
  6. Network Marketing
  7. The System
  8. Compensation
  9. Expectations
  10. The Expenses
  11. A Typical Story
  12. Heads Up
  13. My Story
  14. Recommended Instruction
  15. The BS
  16. Appendix