Network Marketing Extra Income

Network marketing extra income - gold bars

What’s with the photo of the gold bars? Must be network marketing extra income, paid in gold, right? That’s been done, but, no, I simply wanted your attention, for long enough, to make an important point about the allure of network marketing.

Q: “Is network marketing extra income a fantasy, or something you could actually benefit from?”

I’m sure we can agree that ninety-nine percent of us could use some extra income and, bluntly, some people need a huge pile of cash, in a big hurry. Typically, a network marketer’s backstory starts something like this:

  • your spouse/partner is already working
  • your credit cards are maxed out most of the time
  • your line of credit is ringing alarm bells
  • you’ve cashed in your whole-life insurance policy
  • your RRSP/401(k) savings are long gone
  • you’ve sold a lot of your stuff
  • and you’re watching a lot of TV to avoid thinking about your real world problems.

Now, imagine that you were about to enrol in the Real Estate Salesman’s Course when an acquaintance of yours asked you, “If you knew for sure that there was a way you could, legally, earn over $100,000 a month and retire in three years, wouldn’t that be something you would, at least, like to know more about?”

Q: Is your acquaintance’s $100,000 income claim a possibility?
A: Yes, she/he is correct, it is possible to earn $100,000 per month; a surprising number of people are doing it right now.

So, to learn more about his/her $100,000 a month opportunity, you’ve agreed to attend a home business presentation. You can expect to meet at least a couple of enthusiastic optimists. Unsurprisingly, your meeting will paint a very rosy picture of your acquaintance’s company and that company’s products. Because enthusiasm is infectious, you’ll find the get-together, at least a little, exciting. At the end of the presentation you will very likely be told that the next step is to attend a hotel meeting. When that meeting happens, you’ll meet some more amazing people, maybe even one of those $100,000/mo. legends. Right about now, you’re probably feeling hopeful, even exhilarated. Although I’m excited for you, this is the perfect time for me to give you a ‘Heads Up’.

Earning $100,000 per month is not typical, it’s a very rare occurrence. You need to ask yourself, “How can I generate a significant profit if I become a network marketing distributor?” My recommendation is to invest $5 before you attend the hotel meeting. Definitely do it before joining the company. You owe it to yourself to, “Know the game you’re in.” A five dollar eBook could save you thousands of dollars, or, alternatively, it might help you earn a significant fortune.

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