Network Marketing Wife

network marketing housewife

Are you an exasperated network marketing wife? In the early days, you were delighted to see your husband excited about something. Times have changed, haven’t they? How many times have you watched his company and product videos? Are you sick and tired of hearing about that gal who is earning $100,000 a month? Do you have shelves full of samples, magazines and brochures? Is your husband on the phone or at the computer, all the time? When your credit card bills arrive are they a lot bigger than his commission checks? Have you lost any friends?

Did you know that your husband has probably been told that a good network marketing wife is someone who never watches TV and who unconditionally supports his dreams? Are you finding that tough to do that now that your family’s finances are circling the drain? By the way, when network marketing companies and upline team members say “supportive” it’s often code for what they hope you’ll be, a docile, submissive, unquestioning, fifties-style housewife (see image above). Remember, his upline team wants to see your husband on autoship indefinitely. That’s how they make money. To be fair, his upline team would prefer to see your husband succeed, but that rarely happens.

I’ve never met so many divorced people.

Remember when you scrimped and saved for ‘Convention’, but you could only afford to send your husband. Has the expense of flying him to corporate events paid off for your family? Has your husband mentioned some of the impressive women he has met at those hotel meetings? We’re grownups, so let me be blunt, I’ve never met as many divorced people as I did when I was a professional network marketer.

Q: Why are there so many divorced network marketing couples?
A: Tragically, most network marketing wives feel trapped watching their family’s finances get worse and worse.

Have you ever wondered:

  • has my husband been brainwashed?
  • will he ever see the light?

If you’re a disillusioned partner, don’t divorce him, instead, I recommend reading, ‘Network Marketing Heads Up’. After reading my ‘Heads Up’, get him to read it too and then discuss what’s next.

Afterthought: I suppose I could have written about the ‘Network Marketing Husband’, but in my experience women consult their husbands, value their opinions, communicate effectively and generally make better choices.